Online Training Now Available!

Greg Roe & the #GRTCrew are now offering exclusive private 1-on-1 online training sessions to help you improve your skills.  Sessions will be booked through Greg, via email and available on Zoom. 

Traditional Trampoline

Coaches Sessions. 

Take a new approach to your athletes and classes by reviewing some of the fundamentals of both Traditional Trampoline and Freestyle, that will help you with a new 3 dimensional approach to training.  Coaches can invite athletes to participate at no extra charge, so this becomes a very interactive session.

GRTCrew Athlete Trainings

GTramp Training. 

Take your gtramp skills to the next level with our GRTCrew athletes and mentors, who have extensive experience in the sport and love to work with younger athletes just getting into flipping.  Our athletes take great pride in their gtramp community and have become mentors to many young flippers throughout the world. 

Greg Roe Freestyle Training

Acrobatic Action Sports Training. Greg Roe may have extensive training in Traditional Trampoline, but he is also the pioneer of Freestyle and has a new approach to training your acrobatic sport, whether it be gymnastics, trampoline, snowboarding, diving, skiing, circus or any action sport that involves flipping & twisting. 

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